Bevelling Machines

The market-leading range of Trademaster plate and pipe bevelling machines are designed for various applications including internal and external bevelling, J-groove bevelling, as well as facing on tanks, tubes, pipes and plate steel. Bevelling machine options are also available to suit different bevel widths and angles.

Trademaster bevelling machines are available Australia wide through our network of distributors in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and most regional cities and towns across the country. These bevelling machines can also be shipped throughout Asia and the southern pacific into New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea & Thailand.

Bevelling Machines WA-BM20

BM20 Portable Beveller

18mm Maximum Bevel Width

Bevelling Machines WA-BM20+

BM20 Plus Portable Beveller

20.5mm Maximum Bevel Width

Bevelling Machines WA-BM21

BM21 Portable Beveller

21mm Maximum Bevel Width

Bevelling Machines WA-BM21S

BM21S Portable Beveller

Stainless Steel, 21mm Maximum Bevel Width

Portable Bevelling Machine WA-ABM28


Auto-Feed Portable Bevelling Machine

Plate And Pipe Bevelling Machine WA-ABM14


Plate And Pipe Bevelling Machine

Portable Pipe Beveller WA-PRO5PB

Pro 5 PB Portable Pipe Beveller

For portable use in pipe machining operations

portable pipe beveller

Pro 10 PB Portable Pipe Beveller

For portable use in pipe machining operations

pipe bevelling machine

Pro 40 Pbs Pipe Bevelling Machine

Bevelling and facing pipes from 200mm to 1000mm


Trademaster Bevelling Machines

AMB28 Auto-Feed Portable Bevelling Machine

The ABM28 auto-feed portable bevelling machine is the top of its class and will save you time and money while delivering excellent efficiency and precision, thanks to its automatic feed combined with controlled travel speed. These machines help to eliminate human error and provide an unmatched surface finish for milling the edges of plates.

Not only is it fast, but it is also effortless to setup while delivering perfect results every time. This machine can mill all types of metal thanks to the variable travel speed control, and the bevelling angle can also be adjusted easily between -60° and 60°.

BM20, BM21 and BM21S Portable Beveller

A quality European-made piece of machinery, the BM20 portable beveller is an easy-to-use, heavy-duty machine for steel plate and pipe bevelling before welding or edge finishing work. This device will meet all your bevelling needs and more, or you could go a step above with the innovative BM21 portable bevellerand BM21S portable beveller.

The latest generation of portable bevelling machines, the BM21 and BM21S, are ideal for machining plates and pipes ready for welding. Both models are built for safety and comfort for the operator. The BM21S bevelling machine is especially suited for stainless steel work. Featuring a new single milling head, an extended working range and four vibration isolators to protect electronics and the operator, the BM21 and BM21S are ideal for plate bevelling, plate facing-off and pipe bevelling.
Portable Pipe Bevellers

We have three pipe bevellers to choose from: the Pro 5 PB, Pro 10 PB and Pro 40 Pbs. All of our portable pipe bevelling machine models are made in Europe to the highest quality.

The Pro 5 PB is an ID mounted pipe bevelling machine that’s portable and suitable for a single operator. Providing alignment to the pipe quickly and correctly before operating your machine, you can trust that you can perform the job safely and accurately.

The Pro 10 PB is a larger capacity heavy-duty machine that features self-catering expandable mandrels that provide correct and quick pipe alignment. This device can also simultaneously perform three operations at once including face off, internal bevel, external bevel, j-groove bevel, counterboreand chamfer.

The Pro 40 PBs is ideal for bevelling and facing pipes with a diameter ranging from 200mm to 1000mm. Featuring a high-speed rotary milling head and replaceable inserts, effective and efficient machining is possible. J-groove end preparation, as well as internal bevelling, can be achieved with this option.

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