Whether you work in carpentry or welding, or you’re a metal or woodworking hobbyist, high-quality clamps with strong holding power and durability are a must for keeping the object you’re working on in place. At Trademaster Industrial Tools, we stock every type of clamp you will ever need to keep your work securely in place.

Every clamp in our range can be delivered to all corners of Australia thanks to our nationwide distribution centres. We also ship our clamps throughout New Zealand, the South Pacific and Asia including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and Thailand.













Forged Steel Welding Clamps

Our extensive range of forged steel clamps come with a variety of features and serve unique purposes. We have general purpose, heavy-duty, high force, quick action, pivot handle, beam forged, C-clamp, joint block and extension rail as well as cantilever forged steel clamps available in our range.

These premium forged steel clamps feature cold drawn profiled steel with precisely controlled hardening and tempering process over the whole clamp body giving strength for high clamping force.

Our general purpose forged steel welding clamps are very popular, and are an absolute necessity in any industrial workshop. Like all forged clamps in the range, they feature nickel and chrome plating for high corrosion resistance, and a specially developed hardened alloy steel spindle for strong tightening force.

We have quick action beam forged steel clamps that include a lever and are specifically designed to prevent overloading. This is a great option for high pressure and fast action clamping purposes. You will also find clamps with a joint bloc and extension rail, giving you the ability to extend the span of your clamping by 1000mm.

We also have quick action lever clamps which prevent overloading and resist vibration as well as pivot handle forged steel clamps allowing for faster clamping in working areas that are more restricted.

These are just a few examples of the forged steel welding clamp options you will find in this section. Click through to our product page to see all items in the range.

Cast Iron Welding Clamps

Perfect for welding applications, our cast iron welding clamps come in three varieties. We have the F screw clamp and premium F screw clamp featuring a high-quality profiled rail, malleable cast iron arms and a two-piece comfortable handle. The cast iron C Clamp is another standard clamping accessory we stock to keep your metalwork in place while completing your welding job.

General Purpose Clamps

We have a range of general purpose clamps that come in all shapes and sizes to keep your workpiece steady at a more affordable price. We have bar clamp and spreaders with removable soft pads, cast alloy construction and a spring loaded pressure jaw. The quick lever bar clamp is an option that is very easy to use. Just slide the tool into position and clamp the work in place in one movement with the lever.

We also have a selection of small handheld clamps in this range with sturdy plastic construction including multi-adjustable clamps,  quick release hand clamps and spring clamps. Each item in our handheld range has a lightweight and impact-resistant construction for durability.

Toggle Clamps

Toggle clamps are useful for holding down a workpiece while using a table saw or drill press. We have vertical, horizontal and push-pull clamps in the range.

The vertical and horizontal toggle clamps come in a number of sizes with different levels of reach, hold and weight capacity. With a flanged or straight base and straight, flat or T handles available, these clamps can be adjusted up and down with ease. We also have cushion and swivel type spindles.

If you’re looking for a toggle clamp that stands out from the rest, pneumatic powered toggle clamps are ideal for repetitive production operations, while our latch type toggle clamps pull two faces together to keep your work in place securely.

Locking Clamps & Pliers

Another ideal clamping option, locking clamps have wide-opening jaws for greater versatility. We have locking pliers, locking C Clamps and locking welding clamps in stock. Our C-clamps are available in 11” and 18”.

Our locking clamps also have a turn screw to adjust pressure. This type of clamp has a classic trigger release for ultimate locking force. The 9” locking welding clamp is perfect for welding awkward shapes thanks to its u-shaped jaws which provide enhanced visibility and extended working space.

Parallel Jaw Clamps

Parallel jaw clamps can deliver powerful clamping force with a deep jaw that produces optimal pressure distribution. This clamping option is a top choice for woodworking. The woodworker’s parallel jaw clamp has a large clamping area, allowing for the workpiece to be securely and evenly clamped while preventing damage. Also no need to worry about the lower rail slipping or un-clamping, thanks to the anti-slip system in place.

To go another step above, we also have the premium woodworker’s parallel jaw clamp featuring all of the above benefits and more including a workpiece platform that prevents the rail from coming into direct contact with the workpiece. This clamp also has replaceable pressure caps that are resistant to grease solvents, glue and paint.

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