Grinding Machines

Looking for a grinding machine that will deliver perfect grinding results time and time again? You will always receive the highest quality tools and equipment from Trademaster Tools, and our grinding machines are no exception.

With highly durable and capable bench grinders, belt grinders and pipe notchers available with nation-wide distribution and full customer support included, you can’t go wrong when making your grinder purchase from Trademaster Tools. We distribute all our grinders to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, as well as throughout Austalia, with full support and servicing included.








About Grinding Machines

Grinding machines have an abrasive grinding wheel or belt which is used to cut, shape or alter the dimensions of hard metal items such as tools. Each abrasive grain on the surface of the wheel cuts away a small chip from the workpiece.

This piece of equipment is particularly useful for producing a high-quality finish on the surface of the workpiece. Trademaster Tools distributes a wide variety of bench grinders, as well as belt grinders and pipe notchers.

Bench Grinders

We have eight bench grinders in the range including two models with a stand included as standard. All Trademaster Tools bench grinders are made in Taiwan with high-powered, fully balanced motors providing smooth operation. Our bench grinders also have voltage that varies from 240V to 415V and wheel diameters between 200mm and 300mm. We also have bench grinder stands to suit 8”, 10” & 12” bench grinders.

Bench grinders are manually operated grinding machines featuring two wheels with different grain sizes. One wheel is often for roughing, and the other is used for finishing. Bench grinders can either be secured to a workbench or fixed to a purpose-built floor stand.

This manually operated tool is ideal for roughing and finishing operations and for shaping tool bits. You can also restore the damaged edge of tools. All bench grinders include adjustable eye shields.

Belt Grinders

Our belt grinders are extra heavy-duty with a robust construction, featuring a 14mm thick plate mainframe and a solid 5mm thick plate work rest. A straight forward and precise belt tracking adjustment and an emergency stop NVR switch is also included to ensure you can operate your belt grinder safely.


Belt grinders operate by running a belt coated in abrasive material over the surface of an object to remove unwanted material or to produce a particularfinish. Belt grinders are highly versatile and well suited to all types of applications including finishing, deburring and stock removal.

Pipe Notchers

Featuring a smooth, high output motor and a platen grinding surface, the Trademaster pipe notcher has little vibration while running and boasts an extra heavy-duty robust construction. It also has a capacity between 17mm and 70mm and a 2.2KW 3 phase 415V high output motor.
Pipe notchers are made to cut your pipe at precise angles so it can be attached or welded to a horizontal piece of pipe with minimal hassle. When purchasing a Trademaster pipe notcher, your pipe and tubing can be notched between 30° and 90° angles fast and accurately for an affordable price - ready for any pipe welding job.

Purchase Your Grinding Machines from Trademaster Tools

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