MCM 5 Axis Portable Shape Cutting And Welding Machine
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Trademaster MCM 5 Axis Portable Shape Cutting And Welding Machine

MCM machines perform automatic oxy-fuel or plasma cutting / bevelling and single or double bevel butt welds for wind towers (door frames), pressure vessels (nozzles), pipes, tanks, various steel structures with MCM SAW welding (recommended). MCM machines produce perfect welding joints, root face and root gap with top quality surface. MCM machines save time for welding and minimize use of welding consumables and minimize weld defects thanks to MCM SAW technology.

The MCM can also be used on flat, horizontal, vertical, convex, concave surfaces, pipes and tanks. The MCM machine allows both sided oxy-fuel or plasma hole cutting and bevelling in one fixed position.

Optionally the MCM machine can be equipped with welding equipment according to customers’ preference.

  • Cutting, bevelling and welding of a door frame from the one position
    Capability to cut an opening which exactly matches the specific door frame to be installed
  • Extremely accurate and consistent root gap, root face, and bevel angle
  • No CNC programming required
  • Simple and user friendly interface enables an easy input and configuration of the cutting/bevelling parameters. The innovative control system and software allows for double-sided bevelling in one operation and ensures precise movement of the cutting torch. The cutting torch’s position actively correlates to the curvature of the work piece
  • Cutting/bevelling/welding on flat, concave, convex and conical surfaces is also available
  • Machine is fully portable
  • Uses multi language, user friendly control system interface
  • Custom made versions are available
  • Welding equipment from different manufacturers can be integrated with the MCM system
  • Welding process is performed in an automatic cycle with possibility of manual adjustment of the welding gun
Part No. WA-MCM3200S
Power supply 230V (+10%, -5%), 50/60Hz
Minimum pipe diameter 3000mm, also suitable for flat surfaces
Maximum hole length 3200mm
Maximum hole width 1200mm
Maximum bevelling angle 45 degrees
Maximum bevel width B 45mm
Maximum process speed 2.0m/min
Weight (w/o welding equipment) 630kg
Overall machine dimensions: L x W x H 4685 x 2280 x 1800mm
Number of axes 5
Oxy – fuel cutting YES
Transport frame YES
Mobile control panel YES
Maximum wire electrode diameter 3.2mm (recommended)

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