WA 500 / 1000 GMAW Half Gantry Beam Welding System
Part #:
WA-500 / 1000 GMAW

Trademaster WA 500 / 1000 GMAW Half Gantry Beam Welding System

The WA 500 / 1000 GMAW machine is intended for the longitudinal welding of structural beams with web in vertical or horizontal positions, and includes mechanical automated seam tracking system.

  • 5 numerically controlled axes with mechanical tracking system and active compensation of position of both torches with regards to the welding seam
  • Use of precise gears and rack-and-pinions as well as ball bearing guide rails in X, Y and Z axes, guarantees precise travel with stable and repeatable welding processes.
  • User friendly interface
  • Idle run speed up to 4 m/min
Part No. WA-500 / 1000 GMAW
Length of track – X axis/ longitudinal welding 7m / 6m,
extension in 3-meter sections – optional
Torch range in Z axis 500mm
Torch range in Y axis 1000mm
Maximum distance between torches 1700mm
Torch travel speed From 0,1 up to 4m/min
Types of welds Continuous Stitch – optional
Possibility to implement additional functionality e.g. welding length,
intermittent welds
Portable remote controller YES
Device status messages YES
Welding sources up to 89kg (196 lbs)/each can be installed on the machine * As required
Wire feeder As required

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