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Trademaster WA-BM21 Bevelling Machines

The BM21 is the latest generation portable bevelling machine, for machining plates and pipes prior to welding. This new and improved design offers a number of innovative solutions that increase ergonomics and ensure even more comfort and work safety of the operator. Also available is the BM21S Bevelling Machine, specifically designed for working with stainless steel.

  • Features
  • New single milling head equipped with 10 indexable inserts that require no set up and makes the machining process far more efficient with little operator’s effort
  • Extended working range from 0° to 60° with continuous angle adjustment
  • Easy setting of chamfer angle and bevel width
  • One universal guideline for bevelling both plates and pipes
  • Bevels pipes 150 – 300mm diameter, optional attachment available for bevelling pipes 260 – 600mm diameter
  • 4 vibration isolators protect both the operator and electronics of the machine against harmful vibration
  • Unique BM21S features include a low speed (grey colour) motor, plus guide plate and guide rollers made of stainless steel
  • 1600W Induction Motor
  • 21mm Maximum Bevel Width
  • 0 – 60 Grinding Angle
  • 2800rpm
  • 20.0kg

Maximum Bevel Width:

A 15° 30° 45° 60°
B 21mm 18.5mm 18.5mm 21mm 18.5mm

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