Pro 40 Pbs Pipe Bevelling Machine
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Trademaster Pro 40 Pbs Pipe Bevelling Machine

The PRO 40 PBS is designed for bevelling and facing pipes, tanks and tubes in a range of diameters from 200mm to 1000mm. A high-speed rotary milling head with replaceable inserts enables effective and efficient machining with bevel widths up to 45mm and angles between 0° and 60°. Internal bevelling and J-groove end preparation is an available option.

An optional Oval Pipe attachment is available for bevelling of pipe which is not truly round.

The use of a heavy duty milling head in the PRO 40 PBS offers accurate bevels in a fraction of the time compared to traditional single point machining. This feature saves time and money as well as improving accuracy.



Part No. PRO40PBS
Power supply Single Phase 240V
External pipe diameter range 200-1000mm Pipe Longer Than 830mm;
200-600mm Pipes Of 400-830mm Length
Maximum pipe weight 6 000kg With Standard
Plastic Rollers On Active Support10 000kg With Optional
Steel Rollers On Active Support
Min. pipe thickness 5mm
Pipe fixing Mechanical With Chain
Feed rate 100 – 1100 mm/min
Bevelling angle range 0° – 60° With Continuous Angle Adjustment
Max OD bevel width 45mm
Max ID bevel width 5mm Standard, Up To 20mm – Optional
Bevelling type “J” YES – Optional
“J” type bevelling radius 6mm or 8mm
Weight 1100kg

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