Welding Carriages

Any precise welding job is a breeze with portable and automated welding carriages from Trademaster Industrial Tools. Our welding carriages help welding professionals deliver perfectly accurate welds, every time.

With programmable machines available as well as 4WD and magnetic base machines to suit both horizontal and vertical welding purposes, Trademaster Industrial Tools has all the welding carriages to suit both the simplest and most complex welding jobs. Trademaster offers multiple welding carriage machines, each with their own benefits and features. Each of the welding carriages is available with a large variety of accessories such as magnetic tracks and multiple torch clamps to make them suitable for a large range of welding tasks.

Welding carriage tracks 5

Welding Carriage Tracks

For use with Rail Bull, Gecko, Dragon & Lizard


Lizard Portable Welding Carriage

Programmable fillet welding carriage with “stitch” weld capability

portable welding carriage

Gecko Portable Welding Carriage

Portable and programmable mini fillet welding carriage


Dragon Cutting and Bevelling Oxy – Fuel Carriage

Straight line cutting & bevelling carriage for use with oxygen acetylene torches.

track welding carriage

Rail Bull 2

Track Welding Carriage With Oscillator


Welding Carriages from Trademaster Industrial Tools

Our welding carriages can be programmed to move along a flat surface or track to deliver a precise and highly accurate hands off weld. Once set up correctly, the weld achieved will be completely straight and the hands off, fully automated functionality makes the welding job safer for the user.

Lizard Portable Welding Carriage

Looking for a portable welding carriage that has a “stitch” welding capacity? The Lizard portable welding carriage is the answer. Achieve consistently high-quality welds in either continuous or stitch styles with this all-in-one welding device.

There are many ways you can program this machine to deliver the best welding result. You can pre-set the carriage speed, weld length, skip, crater fill, back weld, total length and unit. Weave weld attachments can be achieved with optional oscillation attachments. This model also has pendulum oscillation and can deliver a trapezoid, triangle or c-type weaving pattern if required.

Gecko Portable Welding Carriage

If the Lizard model has more features than required for your welding purposes, the Gecko portable welding carriage is a smaller version that gives you the ability to produce consistent, high-quality welds every time. We also have available the Gecko ‘High Speed’ model, with increased horizontal speed. This model is suited for both speed welding and plasma cutting.
The Gecko ‘Cordless’ model is powered by rechargeable battery to eliminate the need for a power cord and 240 volt power supply.


The Gecko is lightweight and paired with durable aluminum cast housing. This model also features a quick clamping torch holder mechanism to fit a range of Mig/Mag torches. The programmable options available via the Gecko LED display includes travel speed and units, and welding occurs simultaneously as the carriage travels with automatic ARC ON/OFF

Dragon Cutting and Bevelling Carriages

If you will be using oxygen acetylene torches for your work, the Dragon cutting and bevelling carriage is the best choice for high-speed plasma cutting and bevelling. This state-of-the-art carriage features a digitally controlled track torch that accurately cuts and bevels every time. It can work on any standard 6” V-grooved track.

The Dragon model has an advanced speed control system with implemented digital PID regulator and a small LED display that shows actual and set speed as well as report messages. The speed is set via simple switch operation.

With dragon cutting and bevelling carriages, you can achieve straight, diagonal, strips, K-bevel, double diagonal and circle cutting. This solid and highly durable design is rigid and heat-proof, and there are many accessories that can be paired with it such as manifolds, barrel torch holders and circle cutting attachments.

Purchase Your Welding Carriages from Trademaster Industrial Tools

All welding carriages we stock can be distributed across Australia, South East Asia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. These products can be purchased in any quantity you choose and will be delivered direct to you.

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