Industrial Belt Grinders Australia

Trademaster Tools stock a wide range of quality belt grinders for all industrial, metal, machine, and workshop purposes.

Trademaster Belt Grinders effortlessly deburr sharp and uneven edges in a fast and efficient manner. Trademaster Grimax grinders are sold with a five-year warranty, although with the right care and maintenance it’s not unusual to see it provide you with excellent service for many years beyond that. The base of each machine is large and sturdy, so it can be safely and easily secured and used, and they have also been optimised to provide low vibrations when in use, without compromising on output.

These belt grinders are designed with an emergency stop, no volt release safety switch. This safety feature will ensure that if power is cut to the machine and it goes off, it will not immediately commence operating when power is restored, which adds an additional layer of safety for the user.


Our belt grinders come with a solid plate work rest, and multi position system, and they also have the added benefit of a belt tracking adjustment feature, for your convenience. Our grinders are also fitted with a 90-durometer rubber contact wheel.

To find out more about purchasing one of our grinders, please get in touch with our team today.

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