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Trademaster ABM28 Auto-Feed Portable Bevelling Machine

The ABM28 is an automatic track feed bevelling machine designed for milling edges of plates up to 35mm thick with the standard equipment supplied, and up to 70mm with optional accessories. The intelligent design provides a very fast and effortless setup, and delivers perfect results with minimal operator effort or skill. The automatic feed and controlled travel speed helps to increase productivity and eliminate operator error.

With the variable travel speed control, the ABM28 can mill all types of metal including stainless, aluminium and composites. It can also mill plates in both directions eliminating unnecessary “empty journeys”. The ABM28 is equipped with an overload control system to protect the machine, the tooling and the operator. The length of the guide track can be extended to any required length.

The bevelling angle can be set between -60° and 60°, including facing at 0°. This allows both the top and underside of the plate to be bevelled without moving the material.
Using optional accessories, the ABM28 can also create J-groove bevels.

  • Plate Thickness: 10mm minimum to 35mm maximum, 70mm with optional attachment
  • Machining Angle: -60° to 60°
  • Motor: 1600 Watt 240V 2800rpm
  • Dimensions: 1211 W x 532 H x 619 D

Package Includes:

  • Bevelling Machine
  • 1200mm Track Segment x 2
  • Track Clamp x 2
  • 35mm Lever Clamp x 3
  • Standard Milling Unit Support

Maximum Bevel Width:

A 30° 45° 60°
B 35mm 30mm 28mm 30mm
Demonstration Video:

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