Dragon Cutting and Bevelling Oxy – Fuel Carriage

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Dragon Cutting and Bevelling Oxy – Fuel Carriage



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The Trademaster Dragon is intended to transport different types of oxy-fuel cutting torches with a grip diameter 28-35mm (1-1/8″ to 1-3/8″) to perform machine quality cutting and bevelling processes in a variety of applications.

Cutting profiles

  • Cutting and bevelling 0° to 45° (also parallel with 2 torches)
  • Quick clamping torch holder for torch diameter 28mm to 35mm
  • Advanced speed control system with implemented digital control loop feedback PID regulator
  • LED display with readout of actual and set speed, and report messages
  • Travel on a rail or directly on a workpiece
  • 2-wheel drive with automatic braking drive unit
  • Quick drive release switch for easy re-positioning
  • Connectable rails to form various lengths
  • Rigid and heat-proof design

Dragon-Strips-cutting_ Dragon-High-quality-accurate-cuts-and-bevels-with-oxy-fuel-or-plasma_ Dragon-Straight-cutting-with-oxy-fuel-or-plasma-torch Dragon-Circle-cutting_Dragon-HS-Control-panel_ Dragon-Diagonal-cutting-bevelling Dragon-plasma-cutting-and-bevelling-track-carriage_

Power supply 115-230VAC / 50-60Hz
Power 13W
Torch grip diameter 28-35mm
Chassis to material clearance 7.5mm
Travel mechanism 4 Knurled Wheels, 2 Wheel Drive
Guiding equipment Optional “V” Type Rail With Grooves At 152mm Centres, 1800mm Length (Part# Wap-D6010)
Cutting speed 0-1500mm/min
Chassis dimensions 427mm(L) x 189mm(W) x 180mm(H)
Weight 16.8kg



  • Dragon carriage
  • Torch rack 580mm
  • Counterweight 1.3kg
  • Torch holder with angle & height adjustment (WAP-D6030)
  • Power cord
  • Operator’s manual
Demonstration Video:

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